Friday, December 2, 2011

new @ Oceanwind Knits!

Whither Wander You?  Available in the Oceanwind Knits shop and on Ravelry.

Friday, November 4, 2011

do you like fibre clubs?

Ennea Collective is hosting one, our first!  Club includes fibre(s) + spinning advice + patterns!

Check it out, here!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

and here be October.

I thought I would switch up the post title from having the word 'new' in it.  Y'know, for a little change of pace.

But I do have quite a few 'new' things to show off!  I hope you don't mind.

The last 6 weeks have flown.  As in I feel like I was transported via sonic blip to this particular moment.  I know everything which happened over the last six weeks (at least, I think I remember most of it, at least what happened while I was awake) but it feels somehow like I've just sort of arrived here and have a few moments to ponder things before taking off again.

In no particular order -

I was fortunate enough to take a lovely trip southward near the end of September into October.  It was fabulous!  I haven't really gone on an extended vacation for many many years.  Since Anne and I have been working together for several years, we decided it would be good to get together at some point so I flew to New Mexico.  We had a wonderful time.  The scenery was beyond my wildest expectations and changed depending on the light, the direction, location... really remarkable.

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

We divided our time between Anne's home, Santa Fe, Taos and Los Alamos.  Attending the Sheep & Wool Festival in Taos was very nice, as was the local shopping in Taos which offered a huge variety and a lot of local talent is showcased.

It was really an amazing trip.  I even enjoyed the flying - the last time I flew was with a one-year-old scratching at his mother because the turbulence was really getting to him.  This time was very enjoyable and relaxing.  I switched planes in Dallas-Fort Worth which is a very nice airport, very people-oriented with lots to see and do and a large assortment of chairs if you needed to rest.  (Quite a switch from YYZ, frankly).

Let's see - what else.  New Ennea Collective published.  This time we focused on colour.  All of our projects used different methods to spin and utilize coloured rovings for different effects.  It was a lot of fun.  We will be doing more with colour in the future, Im sure.  I'm still working on one pattern/project which I hope will be available over the next week or so.  Our next issue will publish in December.

Once I returned from New Mexico my focus was on Oceanwind Knits - lots of new items!  Save 10% until the end of October.

And then, it was onto renovations.  With some help from the boys and a few neighbour gals, we have gotten a new look going in our upstairs bathroom.  It had many great features (if you like old houses) but they were not played out to their advantage (most definitely not...  eek).

Here are a few shots:

So you can see which side is the good side.  ;)  Not the greatest of photos taken by a very tired photographer with a cell phone, but you get the picture.  If you can believe it, the walls were originally a bland beige and the window frames and trim were a very dull dark navy blue.  Next on the bathroom agenda will be tiling the tub and finishing the other half as well as new sheers for the windows.  I have been waiting five years to have a crack at this room so I'm thrilled to be finally getting to it.

And now we're into fall activities, which in our house include more renovations, much knitting and spinning and designing, hopefully some weaving thrown in for balance.  My kind of fall.  :)

I hope to be back soon with some up-to-date project info as well as new hand-spun goodies.

Friday, September 23, 2011

new things.

Whoosh. That's the sound of fall entering and carrying on at break-neck speed.

It's been a whirlwind around here, lately, making it tricky to find time to write.  But I wanted to fill you in on a few new patterns available:

The Laburnum Road Scarf - by Katherine Matthews,

the Waterlily Shawl,

a Mystery Shawl KAL pattern - clue #1!  This one will be released as a series of three clues, via Ennea Collective.  Join the spin-along and knit-along on Ravelry!  As a bonus for Issue 6, publishing very soon, Anne and I spun the same fibre without comparison during the process.  We managed to come up with very different yarns.  The KAL for Anne's yarn will be a nifty sock pattern, available shortly.


here is my version of the Posies Shawl - by Anne Podlesak, a very fun knit!

We have a new Ennea Collective issue publishing  very soon.  It's always exciting to see a new issue published.

Next week, I am off to New Mexico to hang out with Anne.  Hopefully there will be some breathing time involved, but I'm very excited.  It's been about 8 years since I've traveled anywhere without boys in tow.

Earlier this month Oceanwind Knits was at the KW Knitters Fair with Katherine Matthews of Purldiving.  Thanks to everyone who popped in to say hi!

New yarns at Oceanwind Knits:  hand-dyed Merino iii (worsted weight)

and Merino One Lace (single ply).

More goodies will be added to Oceanwind Knits over the coming days.

And, whoosh!  Back to work for me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

new @ Ennea Collective and other episodes.

Hello, summer folks.  Time just flies along, doesn't it? It's been a very hot summer, here, with lots of humidity. Exhausting at times, but still much appreciated over snow. So I try not to complain.

We have a new Ennea Collective for you!  A Rose is a Rose.  You'll find some pretty new designs as well as articles about spinning, weaving, dyers and more!

A little while ago, trying to beat the heat, I decided to have a go at lasagna in the crockpot. I was quite impressed at how it came out, very tasty. So I thought I would share my recipe with you. :)


spinach layer

To serve, it's a little tricky (not like traditional lasagna). I cut through all layers and spoon it onto plates. No one in this house complains if it's a bit of a jumble on the plate. It tastes yummy and it doesn't heat up your kitchen like the oven would.

Along with other attempts to beat the heat, in the kitchen and taking advantage of cooler breezes under the maple on the back deck, there has been spinning. One of these days I will get all of these skeins organized on Ravelry. I participated in the Tour de Fleece this year. Although I didn't quite reach my goals, I did make a decent dent in the stash and in finishing up bits of this and that, much of which has been sitting around in cakes for a long while. Feels good to get some of those spinning UFOs spun up. Here are a few shots of recently spun skeins:

I didn't spin all of these during the TDF. But, I don't think I've shown any shots of them before, on the blog.

I think this is probably enough photos, eh? I couldn't resist a little eye candy.

Oh, one more thing - last month, I was thrilled to be able to toddle along with Ted to stay in Jordan at Fibre Garden. It was a very nice, much-appreciated, weekend, hanging out with fellow fibre-enthusiasts. Their shop is fabulous!

I will be writing up a shop review on Ennea Collective in the coming weeks.

And, as a result of the weekend in Jordan, totally unexpectedly, I am a fan of Torchwood. I am not great at remembering to watch serial TV at this time of the year, so I tend to miss it more than I catch it, but I do enjoy it when I remember. I am also a confirmed fan of Malivore wine. I blame the boys in Jordan.

Hope your summer is being enjoyed!

Monday, June 6, 2011

New! Venice Shawl Knitting Pattern

I'm so thrilled to finally have a new pattern!  It has been a long time.

Hoping to have more coming soon.  It's been a long road, but I am finally feeling much better than I have been in a long while.

Introducing the Venice Shawl, originally designed for Wooly Wonka's Shakespeare in Lace Club:

Venice Shawl Knittingn Pattern

Venice Shawl Knitting Pattern

Venice Shawl Knitting Pattern

Venice Shawl Knitting Pattern

Venice Shawl Knitting Pattern

Venice Shawl Knitting Pattern

It's designed with a diamond 'dome' panel at the back, and the wings are added after you complete the 'dome' panel.  It's available from the Oceanwind Knits shop, on Ravelry and on Patternfish.

Hoping everyone is enjoying the spring weather.  It's been a rather tenuous spring around here with a lot of temperature fluctuations (thankfully without any of the weather drama I've heard about in other locations) but I am finally feeling it is, indeed, spring.  Despite not being terribly warm this year until the last week or so, the garden has taken off:




A lot of lush green foliage to behold this year.  It's finally the right temperature to work outside on the back deck with the laptop or the spinning wheel.

And, here's a shot of one of my boys:


He is never quite sure what the fuss is all about, with the camera. But he is pleased to finally have a dry deck to snooze away the afternoons on.  Winter was long; I think he thought he might never see a deck without snow again.

We're busy gearing up for the next edition of Ennea Collective, publishing in July.  We have a few things ongoing right now, however, which you are welcome to participate in:  we're putting together a team for Tour de Fleece 2011 and gearing up for a spin-along leading up to our summer issue.  Click the Ennea Collective link for all the details.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new Ennea Collective!

One of these days I will get around to writing a new post and I'll have some knitting/spinning/weaving to share.

But, for now, I wanted to share this:

Fresh off the presses.  :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

hello, blog.

You are still here.  I am so impressed, considering how long  I've been AWOL.

The last several months have just been packed.  Every waking minute has been overwhelming, it seems.  Fibre projects, emotional craziness, new additions to both Sam and Ben's schedules/activities.  The list goes on.

We are not doing hockey this year.  If we were, I think I would have probably combusted.

However!  It has been an enlightening time on many levels.

In December, we published the second issue of Ennea Collective:

The Sea.  And last week, our 3rd issue, Winter Delights went up.

Both are filled with fun knitting patterns, spinning projects and other articles which are sure to be interesting to those of you who love fibre.

And, to keep things interesting, I have knitting deadlines coming out of my ears (I'm still working on projects for our last few issues of Ennea as well as another project).  I've also taken it upon myself to do some weaving on the loom with handspun.

I will be able to post photos of those once they are complete.  At this point?  Still working on them.  It has been challenging lately deciding what to pursue as a priority.  One of these days, I will get that part sorted around.

And, I've had new goodies available in the Oceanwind Knits shop:

It is nice, however overwhelming it is some days, to be busy.  I've started working with an OT who is making some very good suggestions in terms of keeping pain levels down and also suggestions for reasonable fitness activities.  This past week I was able to get out with the dog for a walk for the first time in over a year!  This is very exciting for me.  A year ago, I wasn't sure if it would ever be an option.

So.  Many good things underway (we're working on our next issue of Ennea, due out in April and I've got more newbies headed for the Oceanwind Knits shop as well as some new pattern releases coming up).

And spring will be here, soon.  I can feel it in my bones.