Wednesday, August 10, 2011

new @ Ennea Collective and other episodes.

Hello, summer folks.  Time just flies along, doesn't it? It's been a very hot summer, here, with lots of humidity. Exhausting at times, but still much appreciated over snow. So I try not to complain.

We have a new Ennea Collective for you!  A Rose is a Rose.  You'll find some pretty new designs as well as articles about spinning, weaving, dyers and more!

A little while ago, trying to beat the heat, I decided to have a go at lasagna in the crockpot. I was quite impressed at how it came out, very tasty. So I thought I would share my recipe with you. :)


spinach layer

To serve, it's a little tricky (not like traditional lasagna). I cut through all layers and spoon it onto plates. No one in this house complains if it's a bit of a jumble on the plate. It tastes yummy and it doesn't heat up your kitchen like the oven would.

Along with other attempts to beat the heat, in the kitchen and taking advantage of cooler breezes under the maple on the back deck, there has been spinning. One of these days I will get all of these skeins organized on Ravelry. I participated in the Tour de Fleece this year. Although I didn't quite reach my goals, I did make a decent dent in the stash and in finishing up bits of this and that, much of which has been sitting around in cakes for a long while. Feels good to get some of those spinning UFOs spun up. Here are a few shots of recently spun skeins:

I didn't spin all of these during the TDF. But, I don't think I've shown any shots of them before, on the blog.

I think this is probably enough photos, eh? I couldn't resist a little eye candy.

Oh, one more thing - last month, I was thrilled to be able to toddle along with Ted to stay in Jordan at Fibre Garden. It was a very nice, much-appreciated, weekend, hanging out with fellow fibre-enthusiasts. Their shop is fabulous!

I will be writing up a shop review on Ennea Collective in the coming weeks.

And, as a result of the weekend in Jordan, totally unexpectedly, I am a fan of Torchwood. I am not great at remembering to watch serial TV at this time of the year, so I tend to miss it more than I catch it, but I do enjoy it when I remember. I am also a confirmed fan of Malivore wine. I blame the boys in Jordan.

Hope your summer is being enjoyed!