Tuesday, June 26, 2012

well, well.

Where have I been?

Although I'm still not quite through the long list of updates and new things imposed on myself and my businesses this spring, I am getting to a point where I can focus once again on the work of actually dyeing yarn and roving and writing more patterns.  Yay!

There has been some of that ongoing.  Just not quite as much as I would like.

I decided this year there were several websites which needed to be freshened up.  You've already heard about Ennea's new look.

Oceanwind Knits has a new look as well as a new shopping cart.  Quite a few new yarns and rovings right now in the shop on OceanwindKnits.ca as well as on Etsy, too.

I bet you've also noticed the blog has a new look, too.

And, I've added a vintage goodies business to my portfolio:  Raven Spies.  I have a penchant for finding old treasured sentimental things and I decided I'd like to share my finds.

Coming up...  new designs!  Several in the works, including -

Crocus Blossom Socks - the pattern is currently available as a series of clues.  The full pattern will be available soon!

And, the Zen Cardigan -

This version is knit up in handspun and this version

is being worked in commercial yarns.

I've also got the loom warped and there are, as usual, various fibres being spun up on the wheels.  Hopefully, you'll see those projects soon!

Happy summer!