Wednesday, August 8, 2012

shirt tale.

Isn't this coming together nicely?

I am impressed at how it's working out, since the last garment I sewed for myself was probably a pair of maternity pants (and said child who was the cause of those pants is going to be eight next month).  And it's a change of scene from my usual wool-related projects.  This is the neck opening, pre-basting:


And, once it was finished -

It's a teeny bit more tricky to put together than a typical faced-placket because I wanted a contrasting facing to show on the inside of the neckline.  It's doable if you use a lot of basting to hold it all together before you topstitch it all in place.

And then sewed the hem with the side openings -

And, then, the tension went all screwy on my machine.  Sigh.  It wound up being a long weekend of frustrations, trying to get it working again.  Adjustments like new needles, re-threading, buffing any burrs which may have been the culprits to oiling and cleaning did not solve the problem.  I've had the machine for about 9 years and never had this sort of issue.

I was checking out different machines and almost bought a new one over the weekend but I hadn't yet decided which model/brand I'd like to get.

On the weekend, I picked up a package of Schmetz needles which I usually have on hand, but I'd only had another few brands around.  I thought, oh, what the heck, put one in, see what happens.  I finally got to this point last evening.  And, low and behold, I was immediately able to sew two decent test lines of stitching.

Who knows.  Fairies?

At this point, it's not perfect but it's much better.  I was able to complete the sleeves last night -

Yes, it's not an optical illusion.  The one on the right has a deeper slit than the one on the left.  But, after getting to the end of it, without pitching the machine out the window and saying a lot of bad words under my breath, I do not care about the discrepancy.  I don't think my arms will care, either.

So, this evening, we'll see if I can insert the sleeves and finish it off.  Stay tuned.

The pattern, btw, is #134 from Burda Internationa; the fabrics are vintage, from my collection, much of which is inherited from my Mom's stash, some of which she'd inherited, too. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

lately knitted.

Although I have other things on the needles, I managed to finish up this wonderful shawl by Kristen Kapur of Through the Loops.  It's not yet blocked.  I think the texture is brilliant.  And there are also lots of little nuances which don't show up entirely in photos.

The pattern is Hecate, originally designed for the Wooly Wonka Shakespeare in Lace Club (2011).  I used Anne's yarns, dyed specifically for the pattern.

I will be thrilled to get it all blocked and prettied up but it's not terribly hard on the eyes as it is.