Sunday, April 7, 2013

yeah, i know.

Where do I begin...

The last several months have brought about changes for my businesses and the format I've been used to working in for many years, now.  It's been fun, exhausting, enlightening and sometimes, a little frustrating.

However, progress is happening.  :)

Late last year, I decided to open a retail yarn shop (as in one connected to a storefront on a sidewalk vs. the one I'd been running out of my house and at shows for the previous 7 years).  It's been fun putting it all together and making plans for classes and new patterns, new yarns, new projects, etc.  It's been pretty hard keeping my brain organized and reined in (it is VERY hard to stick to a budget when stocking yarns, I will tell you).

As a result, my methods of doing things have changed, being out of the house and more on demand, and I've let some of my online duties slide.  I know, I'm not a fabulous blogger by any standard, but this was a long spell without a post, even by my usual lengthy standards.

However, things are becoming more organized as I go along, and here I am.

I'm not going to try to cram everything into one post, but I thought I would at least show you a few shots of the retail shop:

cascade 220 yarn

chunky_1 - Copy

rovings_1 - Copy



Things look a little different now, but there's a taste of what you will find should you pop in.

You'll find more info on the newly-designed website.  The Oceanwind Knits online shop is currently being redesigned and will be back over the next week.

And, I will try to be back much more quickly with some updated information about patterns upcoming, as well as other new things on the horizon.

Please feel free, however, to pop in for our Open House, on April 13th (Saturday).  We'll have cupcakes, door prizes, yarn for you to taste, as well as demos and store discounts.  Hope to see you!  For more info about the shop or things in general, you'll see all sorts of new 'follow' options in the right sidebar.

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