Friday, January 3, 2014

this week's EScouter on Ennea

Did you get a wool blanket for Christmas?  Me, either.  Guess I'll have to knit/spin/weave my own.  Probably what people were generally thinking, she can just make her own.  ;)

So what do you do after the post holiday-madness is finally settled down from the roaring crazy time it was until a few days ago, after all the handmade projects are gifted to their expected recipients?

Me, if I can squeeze it into the schedule (I usually can't but I do try), I like to try something I've had on the radar for a little while.  Sometimes it leads to startitis which I'm quite good at creating and I don't get very far with anything before reality sets in, but, really, it's usually what happens post-last stitch is grafted, in my case.  I like to think of it as 'you did good and now you deserve to focus on you for a wee while'.

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[and yes, I hope to have some 'real' blog posts soon :)].

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